Our Mission

At Horizon, our mission is simple and powerful; to improve people’s lives.

This mission not only drives what we do, in terms of bringing innovative therapies to market for those impacted by rare diseases, rheumatic diseases and other conditions, it also shapes who we are.

When you realize the difference access to the right medicines can make in a person’s daily life, especially therapies that address unmet needs, it fills you with a sense of conviction—and urgency. Every extra day it takes to get something done is an extra day that someone may not have a medicine to treat their illness. When around half of the medicines in our portfolio are for small patient populations for which there is no other treatment available, that’s a sobering thought.

Putting patients and their families first influences every single decision we make at Horizon–from medicine development to our focus on disease areas where there are currently unmet treatment needs.

And for us, it’s personal. Because at Horizon, we’re not just employees. We’re patients, too.

Our Mission: It’s Personal

Our Core Behaviors

At Horizon, we articulate our values through what we call our core behaviors. These behaviors act as our guideposts, and help define who we are as a company.

  • Integrity & Trust
  • Composure
  • Passion for Patients
  • Taking Ownership

Horizon Inspired

Going above and beyond for patients is what we do every day. It’s what gets us up in the morning, and the core foundation of our culture. And even as we grow, it’s important for us to hold on to this piece of our identity. One of the ways we do that is through Horizon Inspired, an online tool and mobile app that celebrates our culture and allows employees to publicly recognize colleagues by awarding them badges.

Public recognition keeps our team feeling motivated, appreciated, and offers one more way for us to express our values and continue to elevate our strong sense of culture.

Think Different

Roll Up Our Sleeves

Drive for Results

Dealing with Ambiguity