About Us

At Horizon Pharma, we define our success by a different set of numbers: the number of lives touched, the number of lives changed, the number of lives saved.

As we build a growing pipeline and explore all potential uses for our rare disease, rheumatology and primary care medicines, we strive to make a powerful difference for our patients, their caregivers and physicians every day.

Our drive to deliver breakthrough medicines comes from our deep understanding of the patient journey. At Horizon, many of us know a patient, are a patient or have been impacted by a patient story. That’s why for us, it’s personal.

Our History

Founded in 2008 as a startup with only a handful of employees and no office space, Horizon now has over 1,000 employees and 11 medicines that treat rare and rheumatic conditions. Though we’ve grown, our culture is no different today than it was when we started. We remain personally invested in the lives of people our medicines help wherever they are in their journey, from diagnosis through ongoing care.

For the full story of our founding, join CEO Tim Walbert and members of the original Horizon team as they take us back to where it all began.

Putting the Patient First

For Horizon, true impact is about the culture we’ve created that always puts patients at the center. The outcomes we achieve – and the lengths we go to get there – reflect our fierce determination to make a difference for the patients and communities we serve. We create meaningful change by bringing patients into the fold, knowing they’ll always have insights we won’t have. By making the patient experience a critical part of everything we do, we’re living up to our greatest potential and helping others live up to theirs.