Robert W. Metz

Senior Vice President, Business Operations, Advocacy and Government Affairs

Mr. Metz joined Horizon Pharma in 2009 as our senior vice president, business operations, advocacy and government affairs. He is responsible for the administration of global business operations including information technology, human resources, facilities, project management and government affairs. Mr. Metz brings over 20 years of commercial, finance and administration experience in both small and large pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations. Prior to joining Horizon Pharma, Mr. Metz’s most recent position was vice president, commercial operations for IDM Pharma, where he played a key role in the turnaround and eventual sale of IDM Pharma to Takeda Pharmaceuticals in June 2009. He led all sales and marketing efforts, including development of key opinion leader and institution center outreach and pricing and reimbursement programs throughout the European markets. Prior to joining IDM Pharma, Mr. Metz led commercial operations for NeoPharm, a public oncology biotechnology company. For nearly 13 years, Mr. Metz worked in areas of increasing responsibility at Searle prior to and following its merger with Pharmacia in 2003 on several products, including Celebrex®, Arthrotec®, Daypro® and Detrol® LA. His experience encompassed sales, business analysis, business development, commercial operations, human resources project management and government affairs. In his sales management roles, Mr. Metz directed multifunctional, operational and performance aspects of the company’s Midwest sales organization spanning over 650 sales and support employees with overall sales totaling over $2 billion. Mr. Metz has also held sales and marketing positions at Medpointe Pharma and Reliable Biopharmaceuticals.

Mr. Metz has a bachelor’s degree in management/economics with a minor in political science from Marietta College in Marietta, OH.

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